The history of ice cream

Today’s priority: Quality

Today our members key priority is to produce quality ice cream for the consumers. This is ensured on several levels.

Choosing ingredients of good quality like milk, cream, vegetable oils, sugar, eggs fruit purées etc and follow them by controls and analysis.

Each manufacturer mix the ingredients according to their own process. The ice cream mix goes then through two steps. First pasteurization to ensure the hygiene safety and at the same time ensuring that the taste and nutritional values of the ice cream mix is preserved and then the freezing step which make it possible to form small microcrystals of ice and at then same time adding air to give the ice cream the smooth cool consistency which makes it so palatable and enjoyable. Each manufacturer has their own combination of these steps this to make their ice cream unique.

Overview of ice cream manufacturing

Reception of raw materials



Pasteurization (high temp)

Cooling (low temp)

Maturation of the mix

Formation of ice cream while freezing

Moulding into different shapes



Delivering to point of sale